Monday, August 09, 2004

on inspiration

it's weird how writing is for me. when it flows, it flows and when it doesn't, there's seemingly nothing that will make it come. i am waiting for inspiration to strike on a couple of creative job applications. i think that the pressure i feel to be creative and inspirational is the wrong kind of pressure at the moment. what i need is the deadline pressure (they're not due 'til sunday)--that's the right kind of pressure for me. maybe i just need to slog through it and and see what comes out. i'm often surprised, pleasantly surprised.

Friday, August 06, 2004

strangely emotional

i'm reading clinton's my life. already from the first few pages, i am feeling strangely emotional. reading along with tears in my eyes. last night, as i was beginning it, it filled me with such a feeling of despair and hopelessness at bush. he has no such lofty ambitions to help people and make their lives better. he's a child of privilege who thought it was his due to be president. clinton came from a poor family and made something of himself because of the kind of person he was. he's displayed human fallibility, but who hasn't? what kind of man are we stuck with now? when clinton was in office, there was a sense that he had making the lives of real people better at the forefront. there's no sense of that with bush. he has only his own power at the forefront. it's depressing.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

rainy day ponderings

strange. it doesn't seem like nearly two months since i've opened this. much has happened in between...a fabulous vacation in turkey with jens-prince and sabin, much work as a freelancer, some technolution translation, many dinners, many bottles of wine, much rain and grey skies (so much for the danish summer). but, now i'm back. i'm still in the healing process after being fired. a bunch of new clothes from noa noa helped my self esteem. i'm applying for jobs--everything that looks even remotely interesting at novo. i want to work for a company with a conscience this time. no more soulless microsoft.

we are, at last, putting our living room in order. we've lived in this house for 3 years now and never really did much with the living room. i sped up the need to do so with a little fire a few months ago. now we have a new ceiling and floor and so we have been inspired to paint--coffee cream--an absolutely lovely, warm shade that reminds you of just that--coffee with cream. in the process, we moved all of our books upstairs. it was great to be reminded of the wonderful collection of books we have. i placed all of my favorites closest at hand to my low leather reading chair. i am going to have some enjoyable times there this fall and winter with a cup of steaming milky tea and a good book. in fact, on this dreary, rainy (is it really summer?) day, i think i'll head up there right now.