Thursday, May 27, 2004

A sense of calm

You would think it would take more than a week to get over being fired, especially when the firing came as a complete surprise to you. However, it's been merely a week and I am calm, composed, at peace and yes, happy! How is it that you don't know what your life is like when you are so caught up in the midst of living it? It takes something major to jar you out of your complacency and shed light upon your existence. And what I've found is that I was incredibly stressed out. There are a few things I have learned: 1. My headaches were definitely related to my job. 2. My strong, constant desire for a drink was definitely related to my job. 3. I am happy now that I no longer have that job. My life is ripe with endless possibility now--whereas one week ago, I was entrenched in a negative, cynical place. It's all gone now. Replaced by a sense of calm and a return to myself. What a wonderful feeling.

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will said...

It's always interesting to read someone's first blog - to go back and get a sense of expectation and, if enough time has passed, to see if the ebb and flow is still fresh.