Wednesday, October 07, 2009

corner view: souvenirs

i've not done the wonderful jane's corner views before, but today, i snapped a photo with my iPhone of my ideal souvenir that i'd take home from oslo if it fit under my coat. it's the bejeweled accordion that's part of an exhibition at the henie-onstad art museum.

do stop by spain daily for more links to corner views.


Char said...

I didn't know Liberace played the accordion too

Sammi said...

I absolutely love Spain Daily & try to join in with Corner View when I can :o)

love yours :o)

jane said...

wow! so does this mean you can play?... besos!

la ninja said...

ha ha ha!
I, for one, am glad you didn't take it as so much shine at home can be potential blinding and, had it fit inside your handbag then that would have been truly worrying ;)
great cv, ta!