Thursday, May 08, 2014

throwback thursday mother's day edition: young reporter

since mother's day is approaching, i thought i'd share some photos of my mom as a young markets editor at the sioux falls argus-leader in what must have been the late 50s. i wish she'd saved ALL of these clothes, as i'd love to have had them.

looking very serious about her work. i remember we had a typewriter like that around the house when i was a kid - i think it's a royal and it was a real workhorse of a machine. i do love the clickity clack of a typewriter.

how great is that skirt and jacket? i'm not sure what that is she's looking at, but there were a few of these photos that seemed staged for some purpose or other. unfortunately, i don't know the story behind them, but i hope when mom sees them, she tells me.

apparently even then, you could be too busy to leave your desk for lunch. bad habits carry on through the generations, tho' i try not to do this too often.

this one is obviously staged. i remember that yellow dot-tape from my childhood - mom used to set type in our back room and the tape from the compugraphic machines would come out in long yellow ribbons, filling a big plastic garbage can. you had to type into one machine and run it through another machine that looked the same, but turned those yellow ribbons into set columns of type for the paper. i love that one shoe has fallen off. this photo has penciled crop marks on the top and side and on the back, there's writing.

i think it says, "keep deep (as marked) Sunday" and i'm not sure what that signature says - andy? or wiley? it was obviously used in a photo spread in the sunday paper.

happy mother's day (a little early) to mom and happy throwback thursday to the rest of us.

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d smith kaich jones said...

i love these all, but the one of her eating at her desk is just fabulous. and i love her watch. :)