Sunday, November 06, 2016

these dark days

after an unusually warm october, autumn is upon us. and it's dark and dreary and grey and frankly a bit ominous, which is guess fits with the general mood of these times. with a potential trump victory looming over us, i find my mind feeling as dark and clouded and blurry as this photo. i wake up with a start in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, full of anxiety, actual bile in my throat. i pick up my phone and open the new york times app to see whether some new shit has hit the fan. i am both looking forward to this being over and dreading it. what if that monster wins? what does it mean? where does it leave us? and how could it happen? who are these people who are voting for him? (i've read dozens of articles about that and still don't understand.) have i just been gone too long? how did it come to this? i am sincerely at a loss. and terrified.

but i will say that this helped:

so holy shit, get out there and vote for her. it's the best thing you can do. and it's so important. quite possibly the most important vote you'll ever cast.


celkalee said...

I'm way behind in reading your blog. I was wondering about your garden, the animals, the kitchen build and your artistic pursuits. The last three posts have been rather strained. I just wondered where You went? While political rants seem to contaminate our social media, I was hoping that you were above all that. Guess not.

Feisty Harriet said...

^^ ?? wtf

I sent in my ballot a week or two ago, for HRC. I cannot actually entertain the horror of any other outcome. She has to win.


will said...

There's a world of difference between a political rant and an expression of fear. The fact that Trump has conned as many people as he has... as well as the media playing into his game... is an indictment, a reveal of the worst tendencies of democracy. To freely vote for a fascist-racist-misogynist-manipulator is a destructive, self-flagellation of the first order.

I have no prediction on who will win the presidency. I hope there are enough rational, reason people to push back against the darkness. I also hope young voters, women and minorities will speak as one and save the republic.

Molly said...

^^^^ yes, WTAF?
Did you see Susan Sarandon's piece about voting for independents? I used to have so much respect for her but WHAT?
I'm SO glad you're not 'above politic rants', and I love seeing you back in this space.
Hanging in there for tomorrow, please let our world not become a dark and dreary place.