Monday, March 19, 2018

the trolls are out

yikes, there was a post in the nytimes podcast club, asking for what annoys people about podcasts. i said many podcasters' pronunciation of qatar as "cutter" drove me crazy. it created a whole lot of discussion and much more outrage and trollishness that i would ever have imagined. one girl got a little bit unhinged and accused me of being pretentious and pseudo intellectual. um, what? i was just answering the question. the internet is awful.

i hadn't encountered such stridency in the nytimes podcast club before this.  i think it's an interesting example of the times in which we live and the increasing absence of it being ok to disagree. and also, of citing a random internet site as authority. i think i'll ask helen zolzmann of the allusionist what she thinks.

* * *

apropos people who disappoint,
advice on how to find joy.
we could all use that.

* * *
sam sifton (the sublime nytimes cooking writer)
recommended this
i trust his advice.


Molly said...

People are the worst.
At least no one took you to task for using the word crazy ...

Tara_LB said...

There are so few communities where i feel like i can engage and contribute because i just cant face the trolls. life is short and full of nastiness so im leery of attracting attention...

Susanne said...

People sometimes ask me which is correct, "Copenhagen" or "Copenhaagen." I look at them and say, "I don't know, I say 'København'."