Friday, September 28, 2018

an accidental bug for lunch

my lunch today consisted of a bug that i accidentally swallowed on my way to the car. it kind of went downhill from there. the afternoon was filled with diagrams of squares and circles and funnels and data and ways of boxing in creativity and others taking credit for ideas not their own. it was disheartening to say the least. it didn't help to get home and watch a bit of the horror show before the senate judiciary committee as a petulant, entitled manchild freaked out that his frat boy ways were found out and half of the country remained on his side. memories of a sexual assault i had buried away from even myself resurfaced. my wonderful friend cyndy is dying. and the full moon is waning. these are troubled times we are living in and it can feel pretty hopeless. especially when you have a bug for lunch.


Miss Footloose said...

It is so difficult these days not to be enraged and depressed at the same time. How to stop yourself and look for the good and the beautiful? It is there and for our own mental health we must make an effort. Even when we eat bugs for lunch. Remember, many bugs are good protein. Bon courage.

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about Cindy. Immediately I remembered the poem she wrote for one of my pictures ... one of the many gifts of Blogcamp ... give her my love when you write to her again, Julie and I hope your weekend will give you some space to breathe.

julochka said...

@Miss Footloose and @Elizabeth, thank you both for your kind words. I think I just ignored it all today (probably to my eventual peril). And tomorrow, I am off to Italy for work. I intend to enjoy it. Thank you both for stopping by, I think we need to be there for each other in these dark days. <3

Molly said...

Such sad news indeed, there's far too much of that these days. Sending love to you, and also for all that this has stirred up for you.
I'm sure Italy was a balm (it sure looked like it) but be gentle with yourself.