Friday, August 30, 2019

five things friday :: august 30

thing 1: the child moved into her new apartment today. her very first one. it was big. and wonderful. and a little bit scary (for her mother). they grow up, these people we make. and it’s rather awe inspiring to witness.

thing 2: you can talk all you want to your dead parents but they never listen. or answer. i suppose they think turnabout is fair play.

thing 3: heat takes a lot more out of you than you realize. stay hydrated. 💦

thing 4: we have a bit more road trip 🚗 ahead of us and despite all the driving so far, i’m looking forward to it. especially because i’m going to meet an old bloggy friend - @herthirdeye - in person for the first time!

thing 5: laundry never ends. just when you think it’s all done and you’re caught up, you realize those people are all. wearing. clothes. 😳 and even if they’re not, they probably just stepped out of the shower and so that towel will need to be washed! 😬

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