Sunday, February 16, 2020

loads of links i want to save

it's stormy and raining (to the surprise of no one) and this
italian cioccolata calda is the perfect antidote.
i put a spoonful of mascarpone in mine.

* * *

i've joined a book club whose sole mission is to read ulysses, so i went looking for help, since i'm finding that it's nearly impossible.  wanted to save those links here:
  • wikihow's how to read ulysses - they have a lovely emphasis on enjoying the humor.
  • overcoming the fear of reading ulysses
  • "many novels are so challenging we never manage to finish them," rang a bell with me, thanks harvard
  • how to read ulysses, this time from roddy doyle at the guardian
  • also from the guardian, is ulysses the hardest novel to finish?
  • more advice on how to read ulysses, on medium
  • “there are two kinds of people. those that have read ulysses and those that haven't,” in the economist
  • this crazy person read it in a week! 
  • rereading ulysses (kinda counts for me, since i read some of it for a course 20 years ago)
  • everything you need to enjoy reading ulysses (goodness knows i need this) - has loads of great links! 
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very interesting look at letter locking.

* * *

this piece on brexit becoming reality is everything.

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