Sunday, July 17, 2022

garden progress

june 21

 july 16

almost a month apart. 

we've eaten the first zucchinis and broad beans and loads of herbs. and we can't keep up with the cucumbers, though having the child home helps. soon, there will be more tomatoes than we can eat, but those first ones will be so welcome. i replanted the strawberries, so no crop this year. but i supported a local farmer who sells them. that's ok too, though it didn't result in juice or any berries in the freezer (if i'm honest, i still have a bit of both from last year).

i'm growing indigo (it's just out of sight on the right), and i'm going to play with it next week. i'm on holiday, enjoying time with the child, sleeping in, making loads of good food, going for long walks, hanging out in the garden. it's a good summer. and i hope you're having a good one too!

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Sandra said...

I'm happy to read you are able to be home during the child's visit. I've seen some of those food photos, may I say, fantastic! We used our first zucchini last evening, soon they will overwhelm me.

I look forward to what you do with the indigo. My summer has been tropically humid. The garden plants love it, me....not so much.