Thursday, October 27, 2022

it was bound to happen

husband came down with the dreaded virus this week. i had my 4th booster a week ago on monday and felt pretty blah for several days afterwards, running a low-grade fever and generally feeling unwell. husband got his 4th booster last thursday and so when he felt the same tiredness and low-grade fever on saturday, we thought it was just the jab. alas, he got worse instead of better and by sunday night, he was pounding nyquil and had asked me for a scarf to soothe his sore throat. monday morning, his eyes were glassy and he was generally miserable and he tested positive with a home test. he'd been exposed at work two days before his jab to a colleague who was feeling fine, but tested positive in the evening after being at work all day. so far, i haven't shown any signs, nor have i tested positive. so fingers crossed, i will escape. it feels rather strange, after escaping it all the time that it's finally come to us. i think we were starting to feel a little invincible. and to be honest, i still am, though i hate to say that out loud. he's on the mend now and while he stayed home from work, he did actually get up and get dressed and even do a little building today. he says he feels like he's over the worst of it, but that his body needs to catch up. from what i read, he's still contagious, so i'm keeping my distance (i hung out in the kitchen and slept on the couch, which thankfully we moved out there). i really don't want to get it. i hope the timing of my jab will save me this time around.


Pixie said...

I can't remember how I got here but hope your hubby gets better soon and hope you don't get it.

Sandra said...

We still mask when we go out. Of course much of the going out is medical so it's mandatory. I'm happy to read he's better. I had Covid last year so I know it's miserable. I read that people who have a strong reaction to the vaccine seem to have better immunity.

Pixie, you got here through me, I think!!

julochka said...

@Pixie - I'll bet you know Sandra and that's how you got here. Thank you for stopping by!

@Sandra - he's much better today, but now I'm feeling a bit run down and am definitely overthinking whether or not it's just because it's been a long week or whether it's symptoms.