Sunday, January 01, 2023

begin with an idea

happy new year! welcome to 2023! 

when i saw this notebook, i couldn't resist. it seems like the perfect notebook to kick off the year. and the quote is totally in line with my philosophy that ideas in dialogue with other ideas always become something even better. it did cross my mind to question whether picasso actually said it, but never mind that, it's still great and the right note to begin a near year. 

the ideas i'm setting down in it are the ones i have for this spring's CreaGive exhibition. our theme is "totem" and i'm setting myself a 100 days project, to explore the ideas i have for the theme. they are very hazy to me right now, but i'm hoping that doing something towards them every day, they will become something else, something more concrete and hopefully awesome! 

the ideas i have are all over the place right now - hand-stitching, print-making, small sculptures, weaving, so i'm going to explore them all, doing something on a daily basis for the next few months. the exhibition is at the end of april, so i should have something to contribute by then.

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