Thursday, May 23, 2024

the brewery is now a weaving studio

my friend's husband died in february and she has sold her house in the countryside and bought a new apartment. that means that it was time for her loom to come home to me. we decided that the beautiful new floor in the brewery made it a perfect room for it, so now it's not a brewery, but a weaving studio! on saturday, we dismantled it and brought it over to our place.

husband is going to build some shelves and storage areas for all those sticks. weaving requires a lot of sticks. 

i also got that beautiful piece of olmer cloth that's hanging over the chair from emmy. i'm going to use it to make a new cover for the pillow that's underneath all those sticks in the previous picture. the one i'm using there belongs in our outdoor lounge area. 

i wanted to assemble it immediately, but we had to go back over to have dinner and sit around the fire and make pancakes for dessert. it was absolutely glorious weather all of the long weekend. i do love the many spring holidays in denmark.

husband and i waited until monday to assemble it, since we had guests over for a barbeque on sunday. we had it assembled in no time. it's actually not that difficult, even though it looks quite complicated. of course, it helped that we had just disassembled it the day before.

we glued some felt on the bottom of the legs to protect the floor, hence the newspaper. i'm going to make a colorful warp and do some tea towels to get acquainted with it. then, i will embark on rugs for our bedroom. i've waited for this moment for more than a decade - my own loom, set up so that i can weave at home!


Sandra said...

Holy Wow! I'd want it just for the beauty. Of course, I don't have room for something like this.

julochka said...

it is a beauty! but i can't wait to put it to use. and you DO have room for it in your big, beautiful room. or you would if it weren't for the piano. :-)