Thursday, July 04, 2024

at long last

after going all this time without ever having covid, it has finally caught up with me. so much for my theory that i hadn't gotten it because of my b-negative blood type.  i think it was last week's travels and i think husband also had it last week. thanks to 4 vaccinations, it's like a bad cold/flu. i have a fever, a headache, a very sore throat, aches all over my body and a weird revulsion to fish. husband was eating torskerøgn for lunch and i couldn't even look at it. i had some avocado toast. it must be the new flirt variant - they try to make it sound fun, naming it that, but it's not fun at all. 


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to hear, julie, hope you will get well soon!

Sandra said...

I'm sorry you have Covid. I got it before the vaccine came out. It was miserable. Hopefully it won't drag on.