Friday, November 30, 2007

lights out, slow skate

hit a radio station on the way home that was playing disco. it transported me instantly back to the community building on a saturday night, clad in well-worn whitish-grey skates with red laces. last song(s) of the evening, lights dimmed, holding hands in a furtive sort of way with some local farm boy....was it troy rommen (romeo & juliet, samson & deliliah...when we kissed, oooo, fire)...or was that later, at that junior high dance, after which i came down with a late (7th grade) case of chicken pox....doesn't really matter. amazing how both music and scents can transport you into a memory, especially of a place. it happened yesterday too, when i wore kenneth cole's black perfume. hadn't worn it in a few months. it transported me, several times during the day, to my first (and only) trip to korea--to that crazy o'kim's irish bar in the lobby of the westin. but that doesn't really have anything to do with lights out, slow skate, now does it?

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