Monday, November 12, 2007

tired of flying? me?

it's very tired in here. i never ever thought i would say it, but i'm a bit frazzled from all the travel. never before has it occurred to me to be anything but excited going to the airport, no matter which way i'm going--away or home. but i fly to manila on friday and for the first time, it makes me feel tired to think of it. it's even a trip where i look forward to being there. if only i could transport there, ala star trek. maybe it's just because i'll be in monkey and on lufthansa. which, of course, i will survive. and it's for a noble cause--to sit with my 6½-year-old. people survive in monkey class all the time! i see them when they eventually get to the baggage claim. but i hate that stopover in guanzhou. they don't let you off the plane and they open all the doors and refuel the plane. there's something very unappealing about that. i hope this feeling passes. i've always loved flying and being in the airport and i don't want that to go away. it's maybe just been a bit much this year....i'm sure i'll get over it. if only i could get some rest.

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