Saturday, February 05, 2011

a touch of the mad cow

i love pretty paper and recently got some sweet little bitty squares of japanese paper from this etsy shop.

so after watching 4 different videos on youtube (i'm a little slow) and downloading a PDF (which i couldn't relate to at all), i managed to make these two tiny paper cranes. however, i got stuck trying to make a third one. it's kinda like me and granny mind goes blank on it, like it's never done one.

i wonder if i have the mad cow?


Dave King said...

If so, then I'm the mad bull, for I recognise the symptom: if I'm driving to a place I've never been before, I can look at a map and go straight there. No prob's. But the next - or maybe the third - time I go, I'll take a wrong turn. Guaranteed.
(The cranes are gorgeous.)

Deb said...

I've attempted the cranes in the past....sigh! I'm impressed with yours! Are they going to be flying soon?

Anonymous said...

I never could figure out origami either. One year my daughter came with two small children to visit. To entertain the children she took my origami papers and made crane after crane, then branched out into other things.

She couldn't take them home on the airplane so I got them. I used them with dried baby's breath to decorate my Christmas tree for several years. They're really pretty on a tree.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Crane? Denny Crane?

I've never tried making a crane but I made a rather not-rabbit-looking rabbit once. Now I stick to folding boxes and admiring your cranes.