Monday, July 09, 2012

i have viking fireplace envy

you can find viking markets here and there in denmark all summer long. there was one recently in jelling (where we keep our horse). there are people who go around from market to market, dressed up as vikings, living in the viking way - cooking over fires and dressing up in homespun garments. i envy them a little bit. and i wish tho' that they had a bit more of the viking spirit of trading, or even just selling stuff at the markets. because i so want some of this viking cooking equipment, but sadly, they never seem to want to sell it when you ask them about it. i think perhaps market doesn't mean what they think it means. or maybe it doesn't mean what i think it means. someday, i will get my hands on some of this stuff. and when i do, we will have REAL nordic food.


Louise said...

I know that one of the vikings here in Bork have made a large portion of these cooking sets for sale this summer. If you are interested I can get you his contact information.


julochka said...

yes, please! will there be a market at Bork Havn this year too?

will said...

Gee, I thought Denmark was a modern country and had gas and electricity. No matter, surely there's a Viking blacksmith nearby.