Thursday, July 12, 2012

soviet revolutionary textiles

mechanization of the red army
women harvesting
celebrating the navy

young pioneers
the ussr
i already wrote about this once, but i'm not done being infatuated with the political textiles that were produced in the early years of the soviet union. it may have all gone wrong, but at least they believed in something. i despair a little bit that we believe in anything at all anymore. we certainly can't believe in our politicians and institutions. so we might as well believe in fabric.


Lost Star said...

I like the idea of believing in fabric! Plus, that fabric is pretty awesome!

Spilling Ink said...

I think they're incredible. They make me want to quilt a protelitarian quilt.

Brinja said...

haha, I agree!

will said...


We have been monitoring you blog and due to too many decadent Western materialisms you will make yourself available to the local party Committee. You and your family must prepare for reassignment to a Siberian collective. The chickens must remain for the Party Bosses and proletariat.

Boris Yankotomovich
Blog Commissar and Sargent at Arms, Destrict 7

julochka said...

I know! i'dnlove to get my hands on some of it

julochka said...

me too!

julochka said...

wouldn't it be great to find some of these stashed somewhere?

julochka said...

please no - anywhere but Serbia! and what will I do without my chickens!

Suecae Sounds said...

That's modernism for you! Must resist joke starting with "In Soviet Russia!".