Thursday, September 20, 2012

thinking about...

eating local.
very local. as in from our own henhouse.
and spoons stolen collected from airlines in another lifetime.
designer ones, by georg jensen, of course (it was SAS after all).

people who tell lies.
about obvious things that will easily be found out.
why do they do that?
what drives them?
even when they must know they'll be exposed?
is it insecurity?
a psychosis?
or nothing at all.
it's something i just don't understand.

artist collectives.
hanging out with creative people.
i need more of that.
i've not sewn anything other than patches on husband's work jeans in ages.
how is it that i let myself forget how important that is to the well-being of my soul?

worldwide photo walk day october 13.
i just got approved to lead a walk in my town.
now i've just got to get the details of my walk up on the site.

an old friend.
i wish i lived closer to her.
i'd do something nice for her.
just because she deserves it.
even tho' she's feeling like she doesn't.

a headache that lasted two days.
those are no fun.
i blame a big shift in the weather.
that'll do it to me every time.
it's the barometric pressure.
using a purring cat as a pillow can actually provide relief.
for a few minutes at least.
but going to bed early
and avoiding carbs
are really the best things.

what are you thinking about today?


stephanie said...

today i'm thinking about job changes and the desire to find something new and the stress that comes with finding something new.

i'm thinking that i'm really jealous that my husband is at home today and i'm not.

i'm thinking about my family and how much our relationships have changed in the past couple of years.

and i'm thinking that yoga tonight better put me in a good mood because otherwise i might hit the bottle. :)

Luka said...

i think about taking off. meeting new people, riding an elephant. that kind of stuff. i think about it all day and all night.

Anonymous said...

Today I am counting my blessings that sometimes if we are going through a tough time or things are not going as we planned to still remember to be grateful and remind ourselves of the fact we are healthy and happy ..which is the biggest blessing of all.

Anonymous said...

Like you I'm thinking about what makes a liar tick. I'm going with narcissistic personality disorder as my explanation.

I'm thinking about how it's time for me to get unstuck by doing the same old things in different new ways.

I'm thinking about how having a variety of plates and bowls and glasses makes even the simplest meal seem grand.

julochka said...

@stephanie aren't you eternally thinking about changing jobs? so do it already!

julochka said...

@luka - I daydream of running off to Vanuatu. and of living in a windmill. I will do both one day.

julochka said...

@bookish - that is a very good thing to remember.

julochka said...

@ally - I think I'm actually going to get a psychology book about liars. in the meantime I'm documenting it...she'd make a. spectacular character in a book

celkalee said...

I'm thinking that I am not at all introspective anymore. I am not sure when all that changed, when I accepted the shift in psyche. Rather like sleep walking. I am also thinking how hard I try not to lie, how terrible I feel when I do.

julochka said...

@celkalee - i didn't mean you. :-) and i think we all tell white lies all the time - it's social convention. but these lies are whoppers and they come to the person all too naturally...

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

I am thinking about how life can change in a heartbeat. I am thankful for my life and very happy that fall is here!!!

Have a GREAT day!

Tracy :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Oh--I am also thinking about Lyme Regis UK(hope to live here oneday!)
I am always thinking about this place!!!!