Sunday, September 16, 2012

another weekend winding down

i hosted another session about my photo project thru my local library. only a handful of people came, but it was wonderful and intimate and gave me loads of good energy that carried me through the rest of the weekend. i wonder what it is about this project - getting people to take pictures of life in our town over a year and then having an exhibition - that makes me feel patient? it's growing slowly, bit by bit, and yet i'm oddly content with the pace of it, which is rather out of character for me. i'm not really sure why, but i'm riding the waves of contentment it brings and trying to not really question it that much.

~ * ~

i think a lot about energy and have for some time. i guess it's the one thing for which i can thank my time in siemens. that place crushed my energy like no other and made me so much more aware of what (and more importantly, who) robs me of energy and what (who) gives it to me.

it's what i love about having my own company. i am fortunate to work with two people who complement me wonderfully - they're strong where i'm weak and vice versa - and the combination of the three of us, when we're really ON is quite magical and gives me loads of energy. what's wonderful is that that magic can happen both when we're conducting a workshop in person together and when we're writing on a shared document at a distance, so it's not limited to just one source. their ideas feed mine and i feel challenged and inspired. there's not really more you can ask (tho' a few more customers would be nice).

~ * ~

i'm rather between books at the moment - does anyone have any recommendations? (they don't have to be about cows, i just liked this photo.) i often feel that way after a bout of murakami. i tried to read arundhati roy's god of small things (i know, i'm behind the times on this one), but it didn't do it for me and i actually put it down, which i've almost never previously done with a novel. it wasn't the book, it was me. i came to it at the wrong time. maybe someday i'll try again. (i felt the same with life of pi.)

~ * ~

i picked two huge batches of elderberries today. my steam juicer has been hard at work and i've got 5-6 liters of juice to cook up with sugar and bottle in the morning. and more elderberries to pick. last year i made the mistake of only making one batch. husband says we need at least 20 bottles to have enough. elderberry cordial, mixed with hot water and a dash of something warming (rum? vodka?) on a cold, dark, blustery, late autumn/early winter day in denmark is just divine.

~ * ~

our horse massage therapist is awesome. she's physiotherapist and psychotherapist all rolled into one. tho' she's a bit odd in that way that only a person who lives in her camper van and travels around with her dog, massaging horses, can be, but she really knows people. and horses (of course). and we had an amazing session with her on friday. i say we, because it was just as therapeutic for sabin (and even me) as it was for the horse. total catharsis all around.

but the truth is, horse people are weird. many of them have this odd insecurity that they mask by seeming really, really authoritative and a bit arrogant. i let one make me think matilde had the strangles today. in reality, i think she was feeling a bit lethargic and did in fact have a bit of swollen lymph nodes due to her intense massage on friday. it surely released a whole load of toxins that her body is still processing. but i let this woman make me think the worst. i wonder if i'll ever learn not to let that happen.

~ * ~

why is it that i liked nigel slater so much better before i actually SAW some of his programs? his writing is divine and there are a handful of recipes from his real food cookbook that are in weekly rotation at our house, but somehow seeing him and hearing him has been a bit off-putting. and i can't really put my finger on why.

~ * ~

i haven't actually seen these ads on t.v. (my sister, in iowa, actually sent me the link), but i got a kick out of this danish ad which promotes taking the bus. you gotta love public transportation. and if you press the CC button, the subtitles in english will appear.


celkalee said...

First, the child is growing up! She is so lovely on her sweet little horse. It seems that when I first started reading your blog she was such a little one. Oh my.

While all the photo's are lovely and an interesting chronicle of a life that has come to fit you very well, the cow! I love cow eyes!

Now the advertisement. Had me laughing. Here, the bus will run you over if the driver is in a mood, (the highest paid port authority drivers in the country I might add) With budget cuts many stops have been eliminated and you will still see confused people standing at bus shelters where the bus never comes. And, of course, the subway at night. A world unto itself. I want to sit in the bullet proof cage with the driver, well only if he is in a good mood!

Elizabeth said...

At the moment I'm rereading Crossing the unknown sea by David Whyte.

As for the add: HILAROUS!

Enjoy your monday

Unknown said...

That bus advert was really cool, and made me smile. Here in Cape Town we are a little behind with good public transport - which would make life a lot easier, and judging from the advert, pretty cool! Enjoying your blog - came across it via Wheatlands' blog.

Anonymous said...

The elderberries look amazing,I'll have to try juicing it some day, and your daughter is so lovely on the horse, my daughter is 8 and has already started writing letters to Santa this year "wanting a kitten". I read "the god of small things in high school for my paper, it was good back then but you have to be in the mood for it". I go through reading phases, at the moment I'm in my YA paranormal phase but an adult read I recommend is "The Book of Fires by Jane Borodale", it was awesome and no book is living up to it so far x

julochka said...

C - i love the ad too and have to admit that i've never been on a bus that much fun. not even in denmark, tho' it's true about the designer stop buttons (of course).

E - i'll check out that book, thanks!

saaray - welcome! i <3 Cape Town and it's been way too long since i was there. :-(

bookish - awesome! i've just ordered it from my library!