Sunday, March 02, 2014

if the glasses could talk

waiting. i imagine these glasses are proud to stand here, waiting for the gathering to begin. they know they're clean and lovely and lined up so prettily. they anticipate the wine and the conversations and the laughter ahead. funny memories relived and new funny memories made. and a weekend gone all too quickly.


Molly said...

Beautiful glasses! Glad you had a fun weekend x

will said...

Obama was aggressive when it looked as if Syria was deploying bio/chem weapons. His seemingly over the top talk caused more than a bit of consternation. And now his admin is toughing talk to Putin and the Russians ... is this the same kind of big stick diplomacy?

I dunno about a return to the Cold War, instead I rather lock most of the so-called world leaders in a room and let them fight it out amongst themselves. And when they're done beating on each other ... they're kept in the locked room.