Monday, March 31, 2014

unexpected lego-related goodness in the mail

look what my bloggy friend ariadne sent to me! we haven't really known one another that long in this bloggy world (we met through the ever-fabulous lisa), but she obviously totally gets me. and she lives in thessaloniki, which is one of my favorite places (and a place i've been many times, always under blissful circumstances). in general, greece is wonderful, and obviously, so is ariadne. thank you so much! it was absolutely the perfect surprise gift for me! and i absolutely adore the tiny houses postcard.

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Ariadne said...

Dear Julocka,
you are very welcome. I am so glad you enjoyed this.
It was difficult to find a lego pattern on the net but this one is from and the card is from an artist in Greece called lilarubyking and can be found on etsy.