Tuesday, July 08, 2014

i'm on top of the world!

my maersk triple e is finished. it's probably the coolest thing i've built so far. it's quite a different build than the previous maersk ships (not that i built much of those), as the containers are in full blocks and not separate. i didn't photograph it here, but there's a really cool clear section where you can look in at the fabulous little green wartsila engine. the details are awesome. the bulbous bow and thel little bitty lifeboats are way cool too. i couldn't resist posing my new business card (yes, we have the coolest business cards in the world) mini me on the front, ala titanic.

here's a shot of the whole thing. the display stand is awesome and the details are just so great. the way the bow curves in front is ingenius and involves a clear cup piece! i also adore the twin propellers and the detailing at the back. it's a real thing of beauty and amazing considering the lego designer wasn't allowed to see any drawings or photos of the ship while he was designing it due to differences of opinion regarding non-disclosure agreements between two big danish companies. he was brilliant anyway. you can hear more about his design here. looking at this and listening to him, you can understand why he's a superstar designer.

and one more shot of me with my camera in hand. i'm sure i was up there on the bow, taking pictures of the dolphins that were undoubtedly playing in front of the ship as it sailed along. it was awesome to be able to combine my two favorite jobs ever in one awesome model. life doesn't really get better than this.

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how much do people spend on food in your land?

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how long should you nap?

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there's a new harry potter short story on pottermore.


miniARTtour said...

congrats .. I think its great .. you choiose your fav colour
I m looking for the zoom lend and quess I m so proud That I kept all tons of bricks ..I kept an eye on the kids when they moved .. ahoi captain

Unknown said...

OK Lego Lady, it sorta looks like your flagship is launching a torpedo at, best guess, Somali pirates or maybe a container ship full of microwave ovens.