Thursday, July 17, 2014

50 things about right now (mostly awesome)

i totally copycatted was inspired by molly's 50 things about right now post.

1.  in a word, kittens. two of them, tho' we thought she had 6 in there, her belly was so big.
2.  sunshine breaking through.
3.  working at home.
4.  sitting for too long in one spot when i work at home.
5.  building excitement over our coming holiday in london.

7.  flowers in bloom all over the place.
8. did i mention the two perfect, tiny kittens?
9. awesome projects at work.
10. great people to work with on awesome projects at work.
11.  a trip on the (rather distant) horizon to seattle and then new york.
12. yes, me, in new york.
13. for the first time ever.
14. cold white wine in the garden.
15. and the odd gin & tonic.

16. the coolest business cards ever. and i have some.
17. long, light summer nights.
18. being invited to a party this weekend.
19. horses with fly fringe attached to their halters.
20. the antics of our pigs.
21. the child hanging out with her good friends.
22. the awesomeness being submitted to the turtle competition we're running on eurobricks.
23. these are the ultra-creative people i get to work with. all. the. time.

24. pinterest.
25. looking forward to molly's kittens.
26. yes, that's more kittens.
27. awesome neighbors.
28. summer visits from friends.
29. rewatching friends from the beginning on netflix.

30. shark burgers for dinner.
31. salmon burgers for dinner.
32. burger burgers for dinner.
33. berries to pick.
34. the strawberries are done.
35. the child buying a nikon D7100 with her confirmation money.

36. arranging lunch dates with friends in london.
37. and tours of oxford with other friends.
38. packing up the "dining" room so it can become sabin's room.
39. reluctantly. because packing all those books away again feels wrong.
40. our independent, awesome feral hen keeping her babies safe up a tree every night.

41. overusing the word awesome.
42. but it's because everything is pretty much awesome.
43. looking at the calendar to find the best time for a weekend in rome.
44. and maybe one in berlin.
45. did i mention we're going to london?

46. getting to write at work too.
47. mowing the lawn.
48. strawberry shrubs.
49. staying up late.
50. sitting in the golden hour light with husband in the garden, sipping a cocktail and talking about our days, the future, living abroad, the angle of the roof, and what to do with all these cats.

* * *

seriously awesome reflection photos by kiripi katembo siku
they are stunning and so full of subtext and depth.
a big thank you to molly for sharing them with me.


Molly said...

Ooooo, wish I had so much travel on my list! Envious of London but totally green about New York ... Loved the different weather aspects of our lists ;)

will said...

the second from the bottom - the hen and chicks - is a really nice photo.

Sammi said...

there is always time for berlin ;)