Wednesday, October 15, 2014

eating my way through the usa: the new york edition (round 1)

funny, the street food in denmark never includes lobster rolls.

or awesome greek chicken pitas that claim to be made of all sustainable ingredients.

and oddly, the main station in copenhagen does not have a gorgeous oyster bar with 25+ kinds of oysters to choose from.

nor are there macaroons with the most creamy, velvety filling ever on every corner.

and i've never been served heavenly, creamy mushroom croquettes that make you wonder how on earth they did that amazing combination of crunchy and creamy.

tho' i'll admit foie gras pops with a surprise fig filling do seem vaguely new nordic.

our pizza runs more to mince and bernaise (yuck. i tell you.)

and we do not do our crust nearly thin and crispy enough.

i've never seen green bean tempura with a zesty mustard dipping sauce on a danish menu.

nor has my spinach craving ever been assuaged in denmark.

some things are just bettter in new york.


Lisa-Marie said...

I, you are all over this NY food business. Yum! It is making me heartsick for pho from the East Village.

Cyndy said...

Digesting, processing, still feeling like it was a dream. The food, the walks, the city, you, Amy, all deliciously blended together. A perfect cocktail. I was surprised we didn't try more street food (Mark and I love the gyros), but then again the rain pushed us indoors ~ and the discoveries we made were wonderful. You didn't mention the mozzarella at Tarallluci e Vino. I only bring it up since the three of us shared a special moment (okay, cuisine induced orgasm, I said it) which seemed to be us closer (and we knew it could never be repeated). Although I've had many regrets that I did not finish the food course with you all last year, never more than now when I realize how much food enhances an experience. Watching you and Amy pour over menus, guessing ingredients, and then seeing how the mood ebbed and flowed as courses were served proved that food brings people together at the most fundamental level. Perhaps that is why food pix are so popular on the web ~ it brings us all to the same table. I am so glad I had the opportunity to share tables, sidewalks, and time together with you both and am already hungry for another visit...

Joanna Jenkins said...

Drooling... and wishing I had a lobster roll right about now.
Bon Appetite and happy travels,
xo jj