Thursday, December 11, 2014

he was really something

i'm afraid i have to go on a bit more about my dad. it's just how it is right now.
this week there was a very well-written piece about my dad in the mitchell daily republic.
alas, after a few days where it was open, they've put the bulk of it behind the firewall,
but here's a capture of it:

he was really something. they don't really make them like that anymore.


Lisa-Marie said...

J, That is a rather beautiful - honest and funny and heartfelt - tribute. You should and must be proud.

Thanks for sharing!

celkalee said...

A striking tribute to your Father. It is good to revisit his history and be proud of his accomplishments, because he was this and much more, he was your Dad.

I have had the dubious opportunity of dealing with many grief issues on a personal level as well as in a professional capacity. Working through the grief of a parent is a process as individual as the person himself. Your success in life and your lovely family are a testament to his influence.

Best Wishes.

celkalee said...

One more note, (I am a little absent minded today) I am here, anytime. A neutral and non-affiliated e-friend. Sometimes just the conversation is all that one needs. A listener.

Elizabeth said...

and he was your Dad!!!!