Monday, December 08, 2014

sorrow hangs in the air

faded colors.
a bit tired.
once festive.
leaky roof.
past its prime.

laughter fills the air.
good fun among friends.
everyone knows everyone.
everyone knows me.
tho' i don't necessarily remember them.
such are the ways of the small town.

sorrow in the air.
or maybe it's just hanging over me.
perhaps these are the right surroundings.

a bit nostalgic.
with a bit of color left.
and light pouring in.
and a few stains on the ceiling.
but still there.
despite it all.

still finding a way.
to laugh.
to remember forgotten lines.
to stumble through.
and keep smiling.

even as sorrow hangs in the air.
ruffling the fringe of the crepe paper.
carried by light.
floating in the breeze.
hanging there.
for tears to come.


Elizabeth said...

your tears are welcome
they wash away
a little sorrow
a little pain
drop by drop
and when your river has run its course you'll free to breath again and enjoy the memories of that wonderful man you were allowed to call ... Dad

Molly said...

Thinking of you xxx