Tuesday, January 13, 2015

now is the winter of our discontent

quite frankly, the chunky monkey cat looks pretty content.
these dark january days are a bit like being down a well. not really, but i wanted to bring up murakami and when i think of him, i always think of spending time down a well. i'm thinking that a good way to get through this, the longest, darkest, most dreary month, would be to go on a murakami reading binge. i think i'll start with this and then dig out my murakami library.

what gets you through the darkest moments of winter's discontent?

* * *

nice piece in fast company on LEGO's future lab.

* * *

loving that i was invited to contribute to this storystarter pinterest board.
it makes me want to start some stories myself.


celkalee said...

A needle in hand, that is my Winter (well all season) attraction/distraction. I have felt there is a book in you, maybe more than one. I see a series of short stories. You are creative and have an interesting vision of the world around you.

will said...

murakami meet steinbeck, john meet haruki.

winter - good if you live in a warm place and drive somewhere to play in the ice and snow.

winter - a good time for working in studio and workshop. basically staying inside til april.

otherwise, winter is fair justification for getting a new coat and a macro lens for that mirrorless camera.

Lisa-Marie said...

A good book. Bowls of soup. Bright Clothes, blankets, candles.