Monday, January 05, 2015

the thrill is gone

i'll admit it, having access to a whole box of fresh series 13 minifigs and just cutting them all open with a scissors and collecting the whole set immediately, while a great privilege, does not fill me with the excitement i felt when i first discovered collectible minifigures at the grocery store back in the summer of 2013. of course, i am pleased to have the whole collection and i do delight in the details in the same way as i did then - the little paleontologist has a cute bone and a little round fossil and the roller skate-wearing groovy singer is so cute, but the thrill of the hunt is gone. that feeling of excitement of not really being sure which ones you got - of opening each package and squealing in delight or groaning because it's another lady cyclops. the pull of going back for more because there's still one more that you just have to have. i miss that.

it leads me to think that a great deal of the pleasure of collecting must actually be in the search - whether it's minifigs or catherine holm enamelware or antique locks or whatever it may be. the pleasure lies less in the having than in the search. i suspect there's a life lesson for me in this.

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thinking so much about spilling ink's gratitude post

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withknown looks pretty interesting.

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it's quite obvious that i need a sous vide kitchen machine.
and it's all amy's fault.

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yes, i am continuing to take a photo every day.
for the 5th (or is 6th?) year running.
you can see them here.

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now this wind turbine tree is quite possibly the coolest thing ever!

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fascinating historical photos of titanic survivors taken with a brownie camera.
and more of world war I, also taken with a brownie.
is the brownie the most important camera ever made?


Ariadne said...

It's like when sea glassing!It's not what you find but the whole trip to the beach and the meditation while looking and the excitement to find something!AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa-Marie said...

The joy is definitely in the search, and finding the very perfect addition to a collection. Those are some cute Lego people though!

I am saving the links for tomorrow, when I have the afternoon off. :)

will said...

I'd be content if I could simply buy the entire set from Lego. My "hunt" will probably be buying the set on eBay.

Magpie said...

and of course i had to go google "catherine holm enamelware" and OMG, i know that stuff. i just didn't know it had a name. my MIL has some.

Lost Star said...

the search is important - it's fun - although not so much when employees look at you funny!

We really, really want a sous vie machine. We've sous vie'd in a thermos box with boiling water being added and the steak came out amazing! Worth the effort! We'd probably go for this one though as we don't have room for a proper one!