Sunday, February 08, 2015

legography lately

i don't know what's happened to my words. they dry up in my head before i can coax them out my fingers, but with the light returning, at least i'm inspired to take some whimsical photos. it's probably also helped that we've actually had some snow. we hoped our lake would freeze enough that we might even be able to skate, but it thawed all weekend, so alas that isn't going to happen. but at least the ice was still solid enough for the minifig skater. the unicorn sparkle fairy continues to be my go-to fig, but i'm also having a bit of fun these days with batman. and getting quite a kick out of those aliens from series 13.

what's helping you through the shortest month?

* * *

i hope these guys are finland's entrant in eurovision.

* * *

it's never too late to discover LEGO, as this blog proves.
thank you, amy for introducing him to LEGO and for sharing with me!

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celkalee said...

I thought of you the other day after watching a little news segment. A man had a turtle unable to walk. He rigged a Lego chassis to his underbelly. Now his little feet move and the Lego's hold him up while he walks. Who knew?