Tuesday, February 17, 2015

the beginning of a new photo obsession

i asked my friend bill to give me some photo assignments to do to get me through this interminable wait. we've had some very grey, dark days and i haven't really felt too inspired, but today, i decided that despite the grey fogginess of the day, i'd tackle one of them. the assignment was: reflections. the indirect reflection of someone or some thing. the actual person or thing can't be in the pic.

this fits very well with the theme of our local creative group's spring exhibition, so i cleaned up an old ikea mirror that we had hanging in our bathroom at the old house and i went outside. here are the results:

and one of myself, because i couldn't resist.

i liked the assignment. i'm less fond of the fir tree than i expected to be - the fine, black, bare branches against the grey sky just work better. i like the brightness of the mirror, tho' i'd like to have had some cool gold-framed oval-shaped one. there's something about the blue and green mosaic mirrored edge and the way it blurred out with my 50mm fixed lens that i just like. it gives a life and color to the photo that would have been absent. i spotted another location when i picked up sabin from school and i suspect i'll be loading that mirror into the car and carrying it around with me. that won't look way sillier than lying on the ground, photographing minifigures, now will it?

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will said...

Yea! Luv the reflection w/in the reflection of the camera lens.