Monday, April 06, 2015

do you look like who you are?

you would think that the older you get, the more familiar to yourself you become. but these days, when i look in the mirror, i'm not sure who it is looking back at me. i see more and more of my father in those jowls and that crooked grin. but whether it's me, is another question. i've never thought i looked particularly like him. i even had a cousin once removed who once told me "my mom says you don't look like anybody." and i think that somehow stuck. i can see my mom in my hands, which is quite reassuring somehow, as i always thought of her hands as especially capable. but my face? i used to think i knew it, but that's changing and looking in the mirror is like looking at a stranger. perhaps this is just a natural consequence of growing older, but i don't even think it's the lines and the wrinkles, it's something else, something alien and unfamiliar. and i can't put my finger on it. 

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super interesting interview with li edelkoort.
she says fashion is dead.
and her reasons are very interesting.

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99% invisible (it's a podcast, of course) recommended this blog.
humans in design.
i think my father-in-law would have loved it.
they're at the intersection of humans and technology.

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it seems that some of the right questions are beginning to be asked about the germanwings crash.
tho' focus is still on training practices, i think it should be on crewing practices.

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i recently saw marco pierre white on master chef australia and want to read this.

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is the past holding you back? and by you, i mean me.


Anonymous said...

I think we stop truly looking at ourselves in the mirror. The same way you stop 'seeing' that corner of the desk where the clutter quietly gathers. I have a perception of what I look like and I have haven't bothered to check it lately. I suppose it's the same blind spot that makes beautiful woman think they are ugly.

Eveyone says I am the spitting image of my Mom. Recently she had a University reunion, and one of her classmates said to me "you must be {her} daughter". He had never met me and hadn't seen her for 40 years..

Feisty Harriet said...

This is so interesting, I have a hard time seeing either of my parents in myself, at least physically. But I see so much of my Mom AND my Dad in my identical twin....I'm sure there is some kind of psychological definition for this, something about denial or projecting or repressed feelings, but for now, I'll just conclude that my hands are mine and hers are my Mom's. :)