Tuesday, April 07, 2015

sleeping with zombies

i read this medium piece on how the past may be holding us back just before bed last night. it must have seeped into my subconscious, because my dreams all night were one long parade of past workplaces. norway, copenhagen, vedbæk, redmond (billund was curiously absent). all filled with zombies. i kid you not. everyone i encountered was blank and stiff and walking through the corridors with a moan, even on the way to lunch. at least they weren't murderous zombies, more like pasty blue, clumsy automatons. in suits. and dreaming those dreams didn't really feel that cathartic. instead, i woke up exhausted somehow and no more clear on the nature of things. i'm not sure that i let go of the past all that much, tho' i did perhaps see those places in a new light. and perhaps the lesson is to stop idealizing them in my head, to stop giving myself over becoming one of those oblivious automatons every single time.

or maybe it's something else entirely. something that i can't yet figure out, but which my unconscious is trying to tell me. what do you think?

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