Tuesday, May 05, 2015

100 happy days :: day 66

somehow with this happiness project, happiness has become something visual. and as i look back on a day that was rather busy and hectic and rainy and grey and dark, i don't really have any visual happinesses to reflect upon. maybe the beech leaves, which are springing out in their special, brilliant light green shade, but it was getting too dark and too rainy to snap a photo of them as i drove hurriedly home, chinese takeout cooling in the back seat. these moments of happiness have largely been something i wanted to preserve in photos, but maybe happiness at times is just an overall grateful feeling. gratefulness for laughter at work and good conversations and good collaborations. and did i mention laughter? and moments in the car, having a talk with my child, since she wasn't glued to her iPhone, due to it having been sent in for repairs and having been given a lame old samsung that couldn't even download facebook messenger (oh the horror), leaving her left with only talking to me to entertain herself. and that talk ranged over various pronunciations of words and accents and the vast differences in danish, despite this place being about the size of wisconsin. and how her pronunciations and accent are a large part of her identity - she was born in copenhagen and clings to her sjælland accent. i can't say i blame her. how we speak and sound does play a large part in our identity and in how the world sees us. and that conversation was definitely a happy moment in the midst of today. it's there, in the middle of everyday life, that the happiness really happens. sometimes you just have to stop and think about it.

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will said...

"how we speak and sound does play a large part in our identity"...

I dunno, I think the baggage that comes along with language is more the identity culprit.

Cultures & societies (parents and family too) teach moral values, social proprieties, prejudices, ownership, nationalism, faith, skepticism, voo doo, politics, mysticism, etc.