Friday, May 22, 2015

100 happy days :: day 83

two years ago today, frieda badida was born
she was molly's last kitten.
poor little molly was so tired by then that i had to gently wipe away the membrane so she could breathe.
i'm so glad i did.
she's quirky, sweet and wonderful.
and only occasionally expects to be let in the window at 4 a.m.
happy birthday frieda.

* * *

so many things tumbling in my mind to write about...ghosts, communing with the dead, what makes a good marriage (can you tell i'm listening to podcasts?), getting older, fears, plants, asparagus, peonies, gardening in general, memory, foxes, chickens, feathers all over the yard, buffy the vampire slayer, magic, painting, children becoming who they are, schools, whether it's ok to be the smart one, boarding school, summer holiday, content management systems, kittens...i could go on, but right now, it's all jumbled up. 

* * *

elvendale, not just where the LEGO elves hang out. 

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