Friday, July 17, 2015

3D street art or brande beats give again

brande, the next little town over, and where sabin went to school for the past year, held a street art festival a few weeks ago. we were busy with vikings that weekend and didn't attend, but many of the works are still there and i had a quick stop to have a look the other day. they had done these 3D pieces. it's so funny how in person, the eye compensates and they don't pop out, but in photos, they do. i wish our little town could get together about something and stage similar events. but alas, there's too much infighting and too many factions. why are little towns their own worst enemy sometimes?

* * *

have you seen the photo of nixon's last meal before he resigned?
it's arranged, it's styled, it's prosaic.
it's positively instagrammable.
(thank you, bill.)

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Joanna Jenkins said...

3D sidewalk art is pretty amazing. I've seen a few but never any this impressive!

And Nixon last meal-- really? The stuff people eat! Ha!

xo jj