Sunday, September 27, 2015

scenes from a weekend

glorious, golden sunshine. a quick lunch with old friends. a nice drive and a good chat with a newer friend while getting there. and hours of finishing up a big wall painting at the library (photos of that soon). a bit of lawn mowing (it's weirdly my favorite thing). making 6 liters of mirabella plum juice. freezing a batch of raspberries. oven drying some more of those plum tomatoes. drinking not enough coffee and then drinking too much. wandering the garden with the camera. waiting for the lunar eclipse (it's actually clear here, so i've set my alarm). i'm not going to take photos of the eclipse, but just enjoy it (mostly because the child has my zoom lens and i'm thinking the 50mm fixed won't really cut it). and just generally trying to keep busy while i wait (once again). this time, tho', there is an end in sight to the waiting. please send good vibes my way!

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