Tuesday, September 29, 2015

life lessons :: part 2

ahh, the distraction power of cute baby animals....
how to be småligt:

  1. hold a secret meeting.
  2. don't send out an agenda beforehand, which would remind people who somehow didn't get it saved in their calendars of the existence of the meeting.
  3. don't send out any minutes of the meeting for at least ten days afterwards.
  4. get mad at someone who sends a set of suggestions to the whole group because they didn't know anything about decisions made at the secret meeting (or even that there was a secret meeting).
  5. hold another meeting (admittedly not secret) with a small minority of the members. make a bunch of decisions without including the contribution submitted in good time before the meeting. 
  6. choose a badly-designed, weirdly colored logo for your brand new beautiful house (which belongs to the whole community and not only the small group) without considering other suggestions or even opening it up to the public to contribute and/or choose. (e.g. get the community involved so they feel ownership. heaven forbid.)
  7. and odin forbid that any of those clumsy logo suggestions be sent out to all members of the group before the meeting attended by the minority so that everyone can offer a carefully considered opinion.
  8. be a control freak for no reason.
  9. exclude members of the group for no reason.
  10. have a chosen group within the group that makes all of the decisions. preferably in secret, behind everyone's back.
  11. especially that girl with the accent.
  12. be petty.
  13. think small.
  14. always try to exclude someone.
  15. preferably the person who came up with the idea in the first place, so you can steal all the credit.
  16. be a xenophobe whenever possible.
  17. don't acknowledge the enormous volunteer contributions made by the various people you're bullying.
  18. appear as a character in my novel. and wish to hell you'd been nicer.
*småligt - adj. if petty were on steroids and wearing both underwear and shoes that are too tight. not worldly. with a very limited horizon. non-inclusive. one of those words that's just better in danish.


Joanna Jenkins said...

Uh-oh, sounds like there's trouble in River City!
And it also sounds like you are living in my neighborhood too!
Hope it all works out.
xo jj

Elizabeth said...

so you got some new chapters for your book ... i do hope to read it .. one day ... :-) ..

enjoy your weekend!

Sammi said...

I would really like to study words that are non translatable and their origins and stuff..

I really like words.

Even if I don't like the idiots that this word describes.