Tuesday, November 17, 2015

wandering in oslo

when we went last month, i hadn't been in oslo in 5 years and it seemed to be much cooler and more happening than i remembered. a lot had changed, a lot had been built (some of it by apparently blind architects, as it's a real mish-mash (more about that in another post)), a lot was under renovation. it seems that norway, with its gazillion dollar sovereign oil fund, didn't suffer from the same economic crisis as the rest of the world. oslo is a pretty and very walkable little city. they had this art thing going on along aker brygge and i took a few shots of some of the thoughts. i'm not sure what i make of them, but i kind of like that they also ended up as selfies. i was happy to be wearing my new felt hat. we need to wear hats more often, don't you think? what do you make of these quotes?

* * *

i need me a bibliotherapist.

* * *

wacky theories about the pyramids are nothing new.

* * *

the danish brand of socialism is actually pretty good.

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Spilling Ink said...

I've been Facecookized - I was looking for the "like" button......

These quotes made me think about what art means to me and what it means to be an artist. I like that they contradict each other a little. Art can be so personal and so universal. I'm taking them away way with me for more pondering.