Sunday, December 20, 2015

the yearly christmas tree hunt

most years when we do this, it's raining. it was muddy, but dry this year.

sabin, in despair over the trees we liked.
she was hoping she was adopted.

husband, pointing out where he could cut this one so that it was the optimal height.

husband's requirement for the tree was that it was a "brave choice."
this would have been pretty brave.
and rather alternative.

see, you want brave? 

this one was my first choice.
i liked the light green ombre effect.
sabin said it was so 2013.

this was the one the girls picked.
it probably would have been the best choice.
however, husband did not deem it a "brave" choice.

sabin tries to interfere at the last moment.

alas, to no avail. we got the tree with the weirdly bare branches.
sabin said it was the tree equivalent of one of those hairless cats.

this wasn't our tree (ours was already netted when we returned),
but i think this may be my favorite photo of 2015.

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