Sunday, February 21, 2016

pink martini and painting

my to do list is full of photoshoots and video shoots and salmon and the english channel and iPhone covers and terminals and ideas! idea for stories i want to write,  to produce, to make as a podcast. i need to learn more about photoshop and indesign and premiere pro and recording equipment. i need a more zoomy lens. i signed up for a yoga class tomorrow - one that should be gentle on my back, but for which i am so ready. the laundry is done (as long as everyone keeps wearing the clothes they currently have on). i sorted three bags of clothing from my closet to donate. per marie kondo, i thanked them all for their service to me over the years and released them. it felt enormously freeing. surprisingly so, in fact. the bed is made, the bathroom is clean, the kitchen tidied. and now there's even time for a little bit of afternoon creativity - listening to pink martini and painting. just how a sunday afternoon should be.

* * *

these make me long for summer!

* * *

this totally made me laugh - a review of what the presidential candidates look like.

* * *

i dare you to read this and not download neko atsume, the cat game.

* * *

does knausgaard deserve to be canonized already?

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will said...

did i read that correctly? ... could it be? ... is it possible?

omg ... Photoshop!