Tuesday, June 14, 2016

taking comfort in kittens

after a wonderfully hectic week last week, involving being onboard four different ships and some very late nights, i've succumbed to a summer cold. the weather has deteriorated from glorious summer sunshine to dreary rain in tempo with my health. i have the comfort of kittens. and what a comfort they are. i'm utterly depressed and rendered speechless by the latest shooting in orlando and the vitriol of the fundamentalists and bigots of the world (all of whom seem to be filling my facebook feed). not even instagram was safe ground as my own nephew shared a worryingly pro-gun, pro-trump post. i wonder if he even knows what he's saying? or if he's parroting the society around him? it's all too depressing, so i retreat to the comfort of kittens and cups of tea and chicken soup with kale from the garden. and i wish that it would all go away - the terror, the bigotry, the hatred, the guns, the rain and this cold.


Snap said...

Take care and feel better soon.
Love on the kitties.....

will said...

Those 'ah-hah' moments when you totally understand something... years ago I worked in a camera store on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills... I was alone with one customer and a bad guy with a gun robbed us... telling me to stand still or he would blow my fucking head off. I sorta survived but the take away lesson was, I really didn't have that much control over my life - a meteor, earthquake or a robber could, in a blink, snuff me out.

It took some time to accept my fragility but I eventually did... not quite "live in the moment" it was more Marx brothers than Kierkegaard, tacos not sushi.

Crazies are loose, running amongst us with discordant illusions, often getting into societies driver's seats. Don't sweat it. We each have an arc.. we are born... we do stuff ... we die and are forgotten. That's it.

Enjoy your time, even if you talk to cats, your harmonics do resonate.