Monday, December 19, 2016

christmas is coming

christmas is coming. and we'll spend it in the states for the first time in a decade. hard to believe it's been that long. our bags are nearly packed and the laundry is nearly done. dinners are made from what's left in the refrigerator. i'm looking very much forward to seeing the child and i think she can't wait to see us. we've found a beautiful place to spend christmas and i'm hoping we will make good memories there. loads of good food, wine, games, skiing and fun are on the agenda. i go with an open heart, together with the person who loves and supports me most in the whole world. and i am hoping for good times and laughter. and making memories that will sustain us in the years ahead. 

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an interesting take on helping ease the pain of alzheimer's
which is all-too-painfully of interest to me these days.

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Molly said...

Bon voyage.
I'm sure this is very bitter sweet, but I hope you have a really magical once in a lifetime Christmas xxx