Saturday, February 25, 2017


about right now:

~ there is a (disturbingly large) segment of the population that is wilfully, proudly dumb. that's disconcerting. people who were dumb used to want to conceal that fact. i wish they would again. i blame reagan for the fact that they no longer want to do this. and doubly so dubya. and now, we see the results of it with the current dysfunctional administration.

~ sometimes it's fun to go against your own nature and just quietly observe instead of jumping into the conversation with your own stories. or rehearsing them in your head before it's your turn and then not really listening. this is also hard. but undoubtedly good for you. and by you, i mean me.

~ when your own mother is losing her mind, it's always interesting to listen to someone else's lightly racist mother reminisce. being able to remember is a good thing.

~ husband took a disgusting manufactured (albeit locally) plastic-wrapped cake of the sort that will be what survives a nuclear war (which these days, is closer than we might think/hope) to his meeting instead of the beautiful homemade cake that i made for him. he took the cake i made for him along, but "forgot" it in the car. the purchased cake was a joke. apparently. (tho' i fail to see the punchline if one doesn't reveal that one has actually brought a proper cake.) but i'm not bitter. or maybe i am. seriously, wtf?

~ i would feel better if we just had a few days of sunshine. i'm definitely in an end-of-winter-darkness funk. and probably have a serious vitamin d deficiency.


Molly said...

That cake thing is verging on unforgivable! I hope he brought it home so you could eat it and it hadn't spoiled in the car!

will said...

Of course, stupid people can do real damage... the Spanish Inquisition, Cortez and the Ronnie Raygun Administration come to mind...

But the good news is, dumb and stupid people have no staying power, they get distracted by shiny pieces of aluminum foil and tv shows, so their looniness has a shelf life.

It's almost spring and summer ... Beer Season ! so distractions are around the corner. This might be the beginning of the end for most of the trolls and goofs who voted for trumpee because they thought they were voting for the season's finale of a reality show, ala Dancing With the Stars or American Idol.