Tuesday, July 11, 2017

vilnius :: a hidden gem

if you hang out with me on instagram, you know that we spent last week in lithuania and we loved it. there are a few shots of sights that i actually managed to take with the real camera and not share on instagram. i'll admit most of my shots were taken with my iPhone 7+ - that camera is the shit and hey, it's right there in my pocket. but lithuania was really great. it's lovely, with cobblestone streets and beautiful buildings, vilnius is totally walkable and full of cafés where you can a seriously excellent latte for €2. i highly recommend it. it's like prague without all of the awful tourists. shh, it's a hidden gem. and i don't want everyone to know about it and spoil it. because i'm definitely going back.


will said...

grandpa/grandma immigrated from Lithuania and never returned ... as far as I can tell, none of the family has ever been there.

best story I know about Lithuania ... it was probably in the 1970s, the Lithuanian basketball team showed up at the Olympics w/out uniforms. The Grateful Dead, in a moment of hippy-cool, provided custom uniforms for the team ... of course the unis were psychedelic in tied-dyed splendor.

julochka said...

@will - did your grandparents think of themselves as lithuanian or prussian?

i'll have to google those Grateful Dead uniforms!

will said...

Only Lithuanian. We had an limited relationship... They spoke very little English and I spoke no Lithuanian... Both were Lith. penniless peasants and once in the U.S. he spent the rest of his life as a coal miner - where he learned enough English to take orders and to swear. She stayed home, learned no English and raised 6 children. The sons (except my dad) were also miners and the daughters married coal miners. Politically, Old World-wise, Grandpa hated Russians.