Monday, July 10, 2017

paradox :: soft guns

soft guns. in light of police shootings and folks murdering one another daily with guns in the united states, what could be more paradoxical than a set of cuddly guns? especially ones with happy, cheerful, bright flags extending from them, cartoon gun style? these were my contribution to our spring exhibition in creagive, our local group of creative souls.

paradox :: a whole bouquet of soft guns
i think i also made them as a way of working through how i felt about mom's bowling ball bags full of handguns and ammunition that we found in her car last december. i still can't breathe when i think of what she might have done with those guns in a fit of alzheimer's-induced paranoia while she was still alone out in her house. and a state that renews a permit to carry a concealed weapon for an elderly woman with dementia, when they've just ruled her unfit to drive. unfit to drive, but fine to go around with four loaded handguns. now that's a paradox.

i find myself thinking about that obsession my mother has with guns. especially one old, wonky 22 rifle that belonged to her uncle adam. a memory of him wanting her to have it has imprinted on her otherwise swiss cheese brain. interestingly, her sister, whose memory is just fine, tells a different tale of how mom got that gun - rushing to sergeant bluff to get it before a cousin could snatch it up after uncle adam died. it wasn't presented to her in solemn ceremony after all. and for some reason, it's the one thing she can remember these days. she's constantly asking my sister when she will bring it to her so she can go hunting. as if one hunts pheasants in the middle of the summer with an old 22 that doesn't shoot straight. as she stamps her foot and hisses in frustration, she doesn't seem to understand that she won't be going hunting again. maybe i should send her a soft gun to comfort her.

and you can have one too, if you're interested -  you can find them in my shop on big cartel - price is €70, including shipping. they are one of a kind and i will not be making any duplicates, tho' i may make more eventually. it was quite therapeutic to sew these up.


Bill Lisleman said...

I think art makes a bigger statement when it's paradoxical.

Nonsensical - the problem with gun control here in US. The sides are getting too extreme and the lobbyists are loving it. I don't understand why sensible gun control can not get passed. Here in Illinois we recently had an old man (appears to be suffering some dementia) lean out of an Amtrak train window and shoot a train conductor on the train platform. The conductor lived but was seriously wounded and probably will suffer from the gunshot for the rest of his life. I guess the old man was angry about the train service. These people have no right to carry guns since their right cancels out other's rights to live without being shot.

BTW - did you every heard of the Grand Rapids Art Prize Festival? If not you should check it out.

will said...

when dealing with the insanity that is modern america, there are no paradoxes ... loonies with guns? so what and why not? after all, we have leaders that range from cowards to psychopaths - egocentrics to dumb as rocks - on the take or clueless about decaying infrastructures ... plus, we have a population unwilling to politically involve themselves or exert themselves for fear of missing a tv show or their kids soccer game.

julochka said...

@bill lisleman - i had not heard of that amtrak shooting...funny how these things become so commonplace that they scarcely make headlines. or maybe it's just that my european view on the nytimes website doesn't show me so much domestic US news. i'll also check out of the grand rapids art prize festival, i haven't heard of it.

@will - slacktivism is a worldwide disease.