Thursday, September 12, 2019

i made this :: a little viking inspired pot

i had this picture in my head - combining ceramics and the driftwood i like to collect - but i've had trouble finding the right bit of driftwood for the right ceramic bowl. this time, i took a small handful of sticks with me to my ceramics course and made the holes in my pot accordingly. i'm very pleased with how it turned out. tied on with a bit of black, waxed cord, it looks much as i imagined it would. of course, i couldn't resist decorating the pot with one of my favorite nordic petrogyphs (aka helleristninger). 

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the best analysis of the genesis of our reality television president that i've read.

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nigel poor's photography project at san quentin state prison
you may know her from the wonderful ear hustle podcast.


Elizabeth said...

Wow .. that's a more than gorgeous pot, julie ... if you ever decide to make more and sell them, please let me know ... :-))

Ariadne said...

I love the combination of ceramics and wood. AriadnefromGreece!

julochka said...

@Elizabeth - you never know what I might bring as a hostess gift on a visit to Als! :-)

@Ariadne, thank you! i knew i'd been collecting all those driftwood sticks for something! <3