Sunday, January 08, 2023

sunday breakfast

i found some breakfast sausages on discount - i'm always looking in the "mad spild" bin (that means food waste, but it really means not wasting food) and i decided to institute a new habit here in 2023 - we're going to do sunday breakfast! i made a dutch baby pancake over christmas and realized how easy it was, so i whipped one up this morning to go with the sausages (forgot to photograph them). great way to start the day! here's hoping it's the start of a 2023 habit.


Sandra said...

This is a perfect habit to acquire! I should do the same. I've never made a Dutch baby pancake, I think I should.

julochka said...

@sandra - it couldn't be easier - whizz up eggs, a bit of flour, a spoonful of sugar and some milk in the blender, pour it into a hot pan with melted butter and pop it in the oven for 20. easy and beautiful. and delicious too!

Sandra said...

I'll be doing this Saturday or Sunday!