Monday, July 03, 2023

a cool airbnb on stilts

when we went over for the half ironman, husband wanted to stay nearby, since he had to be up early for the race. i found a super cute airbnb in hørsholm. i'm a sucker for a treehouse-like structure, so i snapped it up.

it was so cute and cozy. there were two houses like this and then a bathroom and outdoor kitchen over by the house that both houses could use. there were guests in the second house, but we never saw them, so sharing the bathroom wasn't an issue. 

on the wall were magazine articles that had been published about the house when it was originally built. back in 2010, it was an annex for a teenage son and an architect's workshop. i suppose it was converted to an airbnb, when the son grew up. it was so cute and just perfect for a good night's sleep before husband's race. i was inspired to come home and have husband build a couple of small houses in the back yard. 

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Sandra said...

I know he would do it!